Transponder Key Functionality

Transponder keys contain a tiny chip that returns a radio signal when the computer sends a signal out (as you try to start the vehicle). It confirms to the computer that the key in the ignition is a key that has been programmed to the car. When a key that does not contain the correct transponder, or no transponder is detected, the car will not start.

In the event of a lost key(s), the automobile must be reprogrammed (depending on the make and model) to a new key and the old lost or stolen keys erased from the car's computer. This takes special equipment and &/or training found only at a dealership or an automotive locksmith shop. CHARLOTTE COUNTY SAFE & LOCK has kept up with the times and offers reliable, specialized, and professional generation of keys for newer transponder equipped vehicles.


We offer affordable and competent service on most makes and models of automobile locks, regardless of the year it was produced. Give us a call at 941-629-6214 or 877-409-6760 for service. We can schedule service at our shop or with one of our mobile locksmith shop & come to you.  

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